Friday, June 25, 2010

Al Gore Affair Allegations and Divorce amid Sexual Harassment Claims

Al Gore's divorce from Tipper Gore came as a shocker, and an Al Gore affair was among the first rumors.  Now, sexual harassment claims from an exotic masseuse are shaking things up for the former vice president.  The National Enquirer - the same publication responsible for revealing John Edwards' love child and Tiger Woods' first alleged mistress has revealed claims that Gore is like a "sex crazed poodle."

Those are the words of a masseuse who claims that the former vice president sexually harassed her, groping her, and forcing himself upon her.  Although these claims have been made, the incidents that were reported to authorities have never resulted in any charges.

Al Gore's people deny any claims that the woman may have been paid off - but what are they going to say?

Many don't doubt the masseuse's allegations.  After all, birds of a feather stick together and Gore and Clinton were a tight team in the 1990's.  We all know about Clinton's past.  A divorce after 40 years of marriage is a shocker, and many just aren't buying claims that the couple grew apart.

After all - doesn't growing apart usually happen before four decades of being together have passed? An AARP study indicates that men typically initiate a divorce after lengthy marriages because of someone else. Women initiate the divorce because they are tired of putting up with things.

Perhaps it's more fun to blame Bush for the Gore Divorce, or even global warming. May close to the couple say that they never got over losing the quest for the presidency, spawning "Blame Bush" rumors for the divorce.

Whether or not the sexual harassment claims are true or not isn't something that will be easily proven or disproven. However, the woman got $1 million to tell her story to the Enquirer.

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