Monday, June 28, 2010

Freemont, Nebraska Immigration Law 2010 after Arizona Controversy

Freemont, Nebraska recently passed immigration legislation.  The Nebraska immigration law 2010 in the city of Freemont makes it illegal for landlords to rent to illegal immigrants and also makes it illegal for businesses to hire them.  This is entirely controversial, and had the legislation taken place in a city with a higher immigrant population, it would have garnered much debate and protest.

The Arizona immigration law that was recently passed will likely end in a Supreme Court battle that will seek to specify whether or not states have the right to make it illegal for illegal immigrants to be present in their jurisdiction.

In Arizona, the law would require law enforcement to inquire about immigrant status if an individual suspected of being an illegal immigrant was involved in some other form of legal issue.  It prohibits racial profiling, although many say that that is exactly what will happen.

Although these laws are controversial, it's the absence of concrete federal mandates on immigration that make them necessary.  Immigration is a hot topic in the world of politics, and the rights of those who entered our borders illegally is a polarizing issue.

So what should it be? Should it be illegal to service illegal immigrants, or should it be illegal to refuse to service them? Where do the rights lie?

Of course, there are two ways of looking at the situation and issue.  On one hand, there should be some avenue for people to become legal residents.  On the other hand, we shouldn't act cruel towards others because of whatever circumstance they are in.


  1. What ever happened to not condoning criminal activity. Illegally crossing our borders is a criminal act -- no different than if this person had broke into your house. The so called "two ways of looking at the situation and the issue" as mentioned in the last paragraph of this article is not accurate at all.

  2. The US has a process for apply to become a citizen and we just cannot allow millions to enter illegally, breaking many laws in the process. The immigration laws MUST be enforced and those here illegally must be deported. Due to the gov't refusing to enforce the laws, we now have chaos, murder, drugs and gangs. I fully support the Arizona law!

  3. A comment from a Mexican National..

    Monday, June 28, 2010
    Challenge the Arizona Law? I'll believe it when I see it

    'My View' by Silvio Canto, Jr

    2) The feds may not have much of a case, no matter how much hysteria and fear mongering has been peddled by self-appointed Hispanic leaders and, sadly, so many in the Spanish speaking media:

    "But Arizona did not create new immigration violations out of thin air. It took what were already federal crimes and made them state ones too, while giving local police a reasonable opportunity to enforce them. In other words, Arizona followed the federal government's immigration policy. Even the state's enforcement role is limited. Arizona can't deport anyone. It can only refer the people it believes are illegal immigrants to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The federal government remains the ultimate arbiter of who is in the country illegally and still sets immigration policy." (J.W. Antle III)
    We need that law as a nation, and we need that enforcement, as a nation. Governor Brewer said most of the illegal aliens crossing the border were carrying narcotics. I absolutely believe that. They buy cheap dope in Mexico, and they sell it high in the U.S., and then take that money to rent an apartment and live until they get a job. In addition, the Mexican Mafia tells the people that want to cross that they will escort them over if they carry a backpack of narcotics. And they do, and the the Mexican Mafia makes sure they get to our side of the border.

    We need that law, or, to stop the narcotics, we need a Federal Government that will enforce the law they have. We need troops on the border, and there is no way at all you can tell me they cannot be used to defend American Territory.

  4. I fully support the Arizona law. The people of this state have been pleading with the federal government for years to remedy this problem. I salute the Arizona people for standing behind their courageous governer. For those of you that are against this law, let me give you a few facts that you can not distort. There is already a FEDERAL law in place that says, basically the same thing as what this law states. You can try and fool people by calling illegal aliens "undocumented" all you want, but illegal means just that, ILLEGAL! Let the ones that want to come here go through the proper channels as most others have done. I am fed up with these bleeding hearts wanting to give illegal aliens more rights than the people of this country! IT HAS TO STOP and this law is a good starting point to tell the federal government that we aren't going to take it anymore. There is a line drawn in the sand.

  5. You guys do realize that Obama's aunt was illegally in the USA for many years right?

    Immigration court required that she was to be deported to the country she is from though she did not leave. She was hiding within the Obama family circle.

    After years of hiding, she was then faced with an Immigration court date and filed for Asylum which she was granted.

    So my point here is that Obama has faced illegal immigration issues within his own family and may have more family members hiding somewhere in the white house.

    Ok then there's my personal theory that Obama is some how some way connected with Terrorist and the mob. There are terrorist within the USA and are here illegally entering our country in big numbers. In this case I believe Obama is making it possible for them to enter easily and successfully.

    Obama is an American enemy and must be impeached immediately.

  6. PANDORA's box to be opened should this get in court. Federal Government is negligent in its promise to the people to provide them the security we all are paying for. Government in a way is embezziling funds allocated for the protection of our legal citizen's. Job not felt a priority. YOUR life not a high priority HELLO.
    Now you speak of AMNESTY what do you do when the ones that paid demand a refund with intrest. The process is the Process inline with the Majority of the world we live in. We need to spend out tax dollars to protect our HOME boarders. So when we pull out of the wars it would be a great service to America that we expand the boarder patrol with vet comming back as the jobs are availability to them the most trained. Also hope of finding employment. We are already paying for this position 1000 fold thru taxes today so this would be a great way of double tasking an effort and much need reaponse to todays needs.


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