Sunday, June 27, 2010

G20 Summit 2010 Brings Protests

The 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto is bringing a lot of protests. Does it really surprise you? After all, you have representatives from the 20 most powerful countries in the world all in one place. This makes it convenient for anyone with a political agenda to come to a single place and voice their opinions to...the world.

Face it - things aren't all that great. The world economy has had it's ups and downs ranging from the recession in the US to eurozone fears that started with the default of Greek debt. There are wars raging on in the Middle East, and there are fears that Iran and North Korea are up to no good.

Iran faces more sanctions, yet claims that their uranium enrichment process is for peaceful purposes only. The North and South Koreans are experiencing increased political tensions. Israel and Palestine are STILL at odds, and STILL fighting.

Given all this information, there are likely to be several protests at the G20 summit.

The rioters in Toronto aren't by any means peaceful protesters. Storefront windows have been smashed in, and chaos has been littering the streets of the city.

Canadian officials are speaking out, telling the world that Toronto is a world-class city and that the violent riots are in no way indicative of how things go in the city.

Citizens of Toronto are shocked.

Having visited Toronto on several occasions, the images on the news are shocking. Toronto is one of the cleanest large cities I have ever seen. The people are very nice and welcoming, considering the size of the city.

The topic of the G20 summit is the world economy, and there's hopes by many that leaders will be able to come up with ways to fix the world economy.


  1. "FIX" the economy? They won't do anything that will help you or me. This will be a meating of elites to further their agenda and plan how they will further destroy the world and unite their efforts to force us into a totalitarinistic society. You don't have to believe me...just watch! New allies will suddenly arise, new enemies will emerge, it's a show and all the world's the stage!

  2. Sure is! All you have to do is look at all the RED flags...especially the "Long Live Socialism" flag in this video...(

  3. This is the third post I have read about this G20 protests telling people that the protesters were going ape shit and destroying things. You see the videos on CNN and other mass media with the Black hood thugs causing the damage. There were only a hand full of them and if you do a little investigation on the matter you can find videos of them in action with cops right there not doing any thing.

    Think about it, these no good for nothing pieces of scum are hired to do this to give the authorities the right to use brutal force to stop the protest. The worst thing about all of this is the fact that the worthless delegates hosting this summit are simply planning the way you will be living your life in the future as a slave.

    America is loosing their rights right under their nose and most of the masses are completely blinded, because Britney Spears was caught with out any panties on, and its the biggest thing since sliced bread. Canada is right along with this also.

    In a repeat of scenes witnessed at last year’s G20 meeting in Pittsburgh, protesters in Toronto are being abducted off the streets and bundled into unmarked vehicles which are driven away at high speeds.

    Several videos show police tackling protesters to the ground, cuffing them and then handing them over to unidentified casually dressed individuals who shove the demonstrators into unmarked black vans.

    Police then randomly grab further protesters as more of the unmarked vehicles arrive on the scene.

    Watch the videos:

    These videos, and many others uploaded to Youtube, clearly show police charging and attacking peaceful protesters and journalists, while in some cases black bloc anarchists have been allowed to rampage through the city unchallenged.

    Prior to the G20 and G8 gatherings, Toronto police were given unprecedented powers to to arrest anyone near the security zone who refuses to identify themselves or agree to a police search.

    It is not clear where the snatched protesters were taken, however it is assumed they were detained in the massive movie studio police have been using as a temporary jail. The building is roughly five kilometers from the Toronto Convention Center, outside the two security zones.

    I have some other documentaries that you might be interested in watching and sharing with anyone you know. First a little something to read:


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