Monday, July 26, 2010

1st Black Elected to Office in Russia: Jean Gregoire Sagbo

Jean Gregoire Sagbo is the 1st Black elected to office in Russia.  Amazingly, the man used to get stared at in his hometown in Russia because people there never seen a dark-skinned man in real life.  Now, he's seen as one of the only honest politicians, and as such was elected to office.

Seeing Novozavidavo dying, Sagbo wants to lower drug abuse, deliver heating to low-income families during the winter, and clean up a polluted lake.  He's lived in the area for 21 years and wants to make a difference.

Sagbo isn't the first black in Russian politics.  Previous attempts at those from his race to run for office ended in landslide defeats.  The mayor of the town where he was elected noted that even though his skin is dark, he is Russian inside.  No one could possibly care about the town as much as he does unless they were  Russian.

This is a great day for world-wide Civil Rights.  Finally, the world is seeing people based more on their character and beliefs other than the color of their skin.

Hopefully, the run-down Russian town that Sagbo loves so much will flourish thanks to his vision.

Reference: Diverse Education

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