Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010 Unemployment Extension: Democrat Ben Nelson's Nay Vote Makes Sense?

The unemployment extension 2010 has divided the Senate pretty much straight down the party lines. The Democrats are for the measure, which increases taxes yet provides up to 73 additional weeks of unemployment checks to the long term jobless. The Republicans are against the measure. They aren't against helping the out of work Americans, but they are against raising taxes and using deficit spending.

There is almost 100% Democratic support of the measure with the exception of one person - Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Although there have been raised eyebrows over his hesitancy to pass the bill, there are indications that his stance makes sense.

Nelson is from Nebraska, which has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation. Sitting under 5%, there aren't many Nebraskans out of work. Considering the low rate, constituents in his state are only eligible for the first two tiers of benefits. This means that only half of the available 73 weeks would help his state.

In addition, Nebraska is home to Warren Buffett. Buffett is one of the world's most popular investors, and wealthiest individuals. There are several tax hikes written in to the legislation that would negatively impact any large scale investor.

It can be concluded on one hand that Ben Nelson is acting in the best interest of his state. This is the sworn duty of any Senator. On the other hand, there are strong party alliance that are typically upheld. Some question why he would be willing to go outside these party lines.

What do you think? Do you think his position makes sense?


  1. No he should stand with his side. Just because his state has lowest unemployment, he should still be for the people, but almost sounds like he should be a repubpig, all about for the wealthy Nelson seems to be. Sorry but we are all Americans and the unemployed or poor should not be kicked when their down and this goes for the 99ers to, they are Americans who need help also, none of us unemployed caused this, the wealthy did on Wall Street, they should pay us since we bailed them out.

  2. We know who will be OUT of the senate come Nov.

  3. I have several children. When any one of them needs shoes, even if the others don't, My wife and I buy the child shoes. It's based on need. I have a child who wears glasses, and the others don't complain that we buy the child glasses when he needs them. Well, I live in Nebraska, and I have been out of work since January. I believe that Nelson should care for us, the out-of-workers, even though the rest of the population doesn't need help. With both my wife and I out of work, it's very hard to make ends meet. Unemployment doesn't buy us anything except existence, but that gives hope. Nelson takes that away.

  4. The extension is the best measure to stimulate the economy. Although an investor can make money from up and down markets, the return from up market will be much more than down market. The extension is a win/win solution for everyone in USA.

  5. When U.S.’s Depression “double-dip” in 1938 resulted from pu$hback of Commonwealth spending by Big Bu$iness-bought $upply-$iders in Congress, Pres. Roosevelt warned: “a Democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their Democratic State itself. That, in its essence, is fascism –Ownership of Government by an individual, by a GROUP, or by any other controlling Private Power.”

    Jefferson said, "[we] have acted … in opposition to those who consider man as a beast of burden made to be rode," and, “I hope we shall crush … in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws,” and, "I am not among those who fear the people. They and not the rich are our dependence for continued freedom," and "[The] voluntary support of laws, formed by PERSONS of their own choice, distinguishes peculiarly the minds capable of self-government. The contrary spirit is anarchy, which of necessity produces despotism."

    Antidemocratic trends of ‘20s-30s in U.S. are repeating with growing frequency despite outcry by majority, per $tolen power of founding fathers’ Social Contract for Natural Right of happiness via Individual and Public Security, rationality, and tolerance –as per Declaration of Independence, which Lincoln advised, to use to interpret the Constitution.

  6. Mitch McConell and John Boehner totally suck

  7. How can you vote if you are unemployed & homeless? You need an address to get your voting forms for your local voting office. They do not want you to vote they don’t want you to do anything but die… It is selective elimination of the educated poor & middle class they fell threatened by and cannot control at the moment… Wake up U.S citizens we are getting sold out!!! We the people need to stand up together organize and take additional actions and follow trough to chance how our government is run. It’s very possible!
    Support our cause to save our country & people who need it sign this "Petition to Reduce the Wages of Congress Men and Women from $174,000 per year to $50,000 per year. " Copy & Paste below link into address bar:

    Pass it on!

  8. Nelson should be kicked out of the senate seat and he should work on behalf of the US with assisting in helping the American People. What would happen if a tornado or some other disaster to happen twds the state of NE, which is has. I remembered when there was a tornado there and the aid was on behave of the US, so, nelson, don't try to hand the American Paeople your manure. You really need to check yourself and I am sure that there are people of your state will remember you in November...I will have to pray for you and your family..Oh! and by the way, this is to the people that have been paid by the repubs to diss the current admin that has been trolling these sites. You might as well give your money back bcse the American People know who the snakes really are...Don't we?

  9. Yes, the petition has been signed by thousands I have heard...Those bas$!@#@ need to get a clue...

  10. Tell Mr. Buffet to send some of that slave driven money Big faggot arse plantation owner and tell that NIGGAH he can Buff my poor Knob! Pass tier 5 now before there is a slave revolt! Give us the same treatment you gave the slave masters like Bank Of America and GM. Bail the slaves out! President Lincoln free the slaves and President Bush put every middle class and poor person right back in slavery. At one time the Rebulican party stood for the people, now they stand for the slave masters. Now if you do not have the color green you will need to sit in the back of the bus and people like Mr. Buffet will always sit up front! I ask you who will be the Middle Class and Poor's Rosa Park?
    The Rebublicans rescued Blacks from slavery in 1863 why is it that they have turned their back on the people? If the party of Lincoln wants to be the party of the people they will have to stop being the party of the plantation owners!

    Now it has been seven score and and seven years that the great emancipator freed the slaves,but here we are back to where we started. We must fulfill the dream that all persons are created equal rich or poor and that the government is for the people not just for the rich corporations. Let us all stand with the party that brought the slave out of the darkness to the promised land, but now the only thing that promised by them is death and taxes!

  11. When the extension passes it will have to go through the house or final passage before it hits the presidents desk to be signed into law.That will probably take another month or so to get done because the house adjourns from august to september and they will probably bicker back and forth until it finally does pass.IF it passes.

  12. The Senate needs to pass the extension bill the we all need to rid the nation of all bankers and Repu(ke)blicans

  13. Mitch is probably slobbering on John's....BOEHNER
    right about now

  14. The National Unemployment rate in the '30's was 11.5%, and it is 14.8% here in Reno,NV.
    The real goal is not fiscal responsibility, it is to drive us down to the point we will work for less in a world economy, thus freeing up the money for the expansion of the economic agenda of the wealthiest 1% who own 90% of the wealth.

    Hoover had MacArthur shoot our Veterans in homeless camps in front of the White house, and tens of thousands died fighting for Unions and a 40 hr work week... and Unemployment Benefits.

    Now: Less than 12% of employment is Union, and less than 7% is actual manufacturing jobs, with 70% being the "Service industry".... Latte any one?

    When the Right Wing, and the Left Wing aspects of the working class arise, and they will... having figured out that there is no "Two Party Government" just the same pigs feeding from the same farmers,that's when those actual FEMA Camps "W" started will be used!

    The definition of Fascism is a Government that exists solely for the benefit of it's Corporations.
    The list of the Corporations has merged to so few names, that we can be assured, according to CITI-CORP's recorded memo, that an Oligarchy exists her... a Country run by a select few.

    We all now owe our soul to the company store!...

  15. What do we do with all the bankers? Isn't it obvious?

  16. This country was built on values such as neighbor helping neighbor in time of need. The economy is still bad and unemployment is at a high percentage. I can not see how anyone with the power to help fellow Americans in need would choose to deny them the basic necessities of life.
    If his state were hit hard with unemployment I am sure he would seek the help of lawmakers from other states. The unemployed are in dire need of help and anyone who does not do what they can to help are not worthy of being called Americans.

  17. it is very sad to think that republicans are more concerned about keeping there wallets fat then helping the ones that actualy made them rich, I'M SURE OUR FOREFATHERS ARE ROLLING OVER IN THERE CRAVES!!!!!

  18. Nelson may have obligation to his state but the nation future should supercede that, his days is numbered as a Dem unless he switch side...

  19. My wife & I have been conservatives all our lives, we are both 60 now. Five years ago the IRS came to our business to do an audit. It took the IRS over TWO years of constant auditing to find something on us.

    The IRS dug, plugged, checked and rechecked. At the end, they found an obscure violation of our Corporate Charter forbidding BofD's to loan money to our own Corp. With that we lost our business.

    Our CPA said it best...(as well as the IRS review board), when they both said, "This auditor was looking to get you."

    With the end of our business we filed for unemployment (the IRS took all our money). Now the government doesn’t want to continue to help as we work for employment and/or new business.

    This reminds me of my Fathers words: "Take all the Dems and Reps and strip them naked, put them in a barrel, shake um up and pore um out. They would all walk, talk and act alike. Cause not a damn one of them care about the voters, the average citizen. They are all a bunch of elitist and think their shit don’t stink."


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