Thursday, July 22, 2010

Andrew Breitbart: NAACP, Racism and Shirley Sherrod

Andrew Breitbart is the conservative blogger who went against the NAACP via Shirley Sherrod, a high-ranking USDA governmental official.  Breitbart’s edited video clip showed Sherrod speaking about not giving a white man her full service because she thought he was acting better than her.

The video clip of the official was used to solidify claims that the NAACP is racist. The Tea Party movement and the NAACP have been going back-and-forth over the race issue.  While not a white movement, the Tea Party doesn’t have a large African-American base. The NAACP, of course, is an African-American civil rights group.

Breitbart’s video didn’t show the FULL effect of the speech – just a clip taken out of context.  Because of the release of the video and error in judgment, the government forced the woman to resign from her post.

If you watch the full video, and listen to Shirley’s side of the story, you will find out that she went on to explain that she learned her lesson from the ordeal. She’s not racist, and she surely doesn’t condone racism within her organization.

Race is a difficult thing; two groups of people will never fully understand each other.  Two different cultures will never be able to blend seamlessly with no resistance. However, we have to do what’s best to get along.

Andrew Breitbart’s blog post was a bad judgment call. Instead of trying to pick apart our differences, bloggers, journalists, and those with access to the masses should be trying to pull everyone together.  We share a country so let’s stop trying to rip each other apart.

Reference: CBS News

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  1. One comment : if this is not a perfect proof of the dangers of uninformed blogging, I don't know what is !

    One question : WHO in the Government based their decision to fire Mrs Sherrod on a partial comment taken out of context in an uninformed blog ?
    HE or SHE should be talked to.
    Not Mrs Sherrod.

    One last comment : personally, I do not agree AT ALL that humans whose skin pigment is "black" and folks whose skin pigment is "white" will NEVER understand each other. If you think that all "blacks" understand each other ( or all "whites" for that matter ), you do not live in my reality.
    Sometimes, PEOPLE do not understand each other, sometimes PEOPLE do.
    None of that prevents ALL OF US from sharing this tiny planet with respect for IT and ONE ANOTHER.

    I get hurt every time someone on the street does not return my smile to them ( regardless of skin color, believe me ! ).


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