Wednesday, July 21, 2010

British Prime Minister: David Cameron Visits White House, Discusses Afghanistan, Lockerbie Bomber

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited the White House Tuesday to discuss some very important political topics.  Among the topics discussed between the British leader and President Obama included the BP Oil Spill and the Situation in Afghanistan .  This is his first official visit to the United States .

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of Staterecently attended the International Conference on Afghanistan in Kabul . At the conference, NATO and other International leaders spoke about the possibility of pulling out of Afghanistan by 2014.

Afghanistan topped the agenda for the visit. Cameron wants to see most British troops out of the war torn area by 2014.  Obama recently approved 30,000 troops to go to the country, although these resources haven’t been totally deployed yet.

The situation is grim, and it’s more likely that there will be a scaled back operation by 2014 – not an all out retreat.

The two world leaders also discussed the Lockerbie bomber and his release from a prison in Scotland .  Cameron condemns the decision, as the bomber was responsible for killing a host of people on a PanAm flight, including many Americans.  The White House is hinting at a probe to see if BP had anything to do with the terrorist’s release, as they could have done so in order to help secure the Libyan oil field.

References: The Washington Times

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