Thursday, July 1, 2010

Christina Hendricks Cup Size and Measurements more Interesting than Politics?\

Is Christina Hendricks' cup size and measurements more interesting than politics? Of course, everyone needs to stay informed these days.  There's not only the unemployment extension debate but also the jobs bill, the recent confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, and more.  Slightly more interesting in the world of politics is the story of how Al Gore was allegedly a "sex crazed poodle" and Elizabeth Edwards' account of her life with fallen politician John Edwards.

Still yet, the fact that "Christina Hendricks' cup size" and "measurements" made the top of internet trending lists shows what Americans spend their free time looking up.  Perhaps if that time and energy were spent looking at politics and world news, the general public would be better informed.

Reading about Christina Hendricks' response to the sudden interest in her 38 DDD's (had to put that in the post somewhere since I advertised it in the title) brings one to the saving grace of this media frenzy.  The Mad Men starlet isn't ashamed of her body, and doesn't want to change it in any way.

If more women were like this, there would be better role models for the younger women in society who oftentimes feel inadequate when compared to what Hollywood and the media paints as "beautiful."

So to Christina Hendricks, we salute you.  In your own words, people can be mean - but you can rise above it.  It's not your "cup size" or "measurements" that define you.  It's the beauty from within that counts.

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  1. Christina Hendricks is what one would call a "total package". It's such a shame that her more interesting attributes---her talent, her intellect, and her insight into Joan Holloway Harris on Mad Men---don't garner as much attention as her cup size. Yes, folks, it's STILL a man's world.


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