Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kyron Horman Missing and Case Update

Kyron Horman is still missing, and there's been no leads in the case. Kyron's parents - Kaine and Desiree - have spoken out and they are both upset with the boy's stepmother and Kaine's estranged wife, Terri Moulton Horoman.

Terri took and failed two polygraph tests, showcasing that she could very well have something to do with his disappearance. They are both begging her to do the right thing and tell authorities where Kyron is.

Kyron Horman went missing on June 4 when he was on his way to his class after attending a science fair.  Ironically, he was wearing a CSI shirt.

The investigation into Kyron's disappearance has always centered on Terri Horman - or at least has appeared that way in the press.  Recently, it was made known that Terri allegedly hired someone to kill her husband for money, but a botched sting left authorities without the evidence they need to arrest her.

Kaine Horman learned of the allegations and swiftly filed for divorce and a restraining order and an order to have Terri move out of the couple's home.  Kaine believes his son will be found alive and wants to be able to bring him back to the home he was used to.

Kyron's been missing for over a month.  There is hope that he will be found alive - and everyone is hoping each day that he will be located safe and sound.

The murder-for-hire plot in and of itself was very serious, and would be enough to land Terri in jail, even if she did nothing to Kyron.  One has to wonder what her motivation would be if she were involved in her stepson's disappearance.


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  2. Does anyone know if Terri's teenage biological son has been thoroughly investigated?

    The only motivation that I can think of for Terri to hide Kyron, hide Kyron's body or kill Kyron, a child she loved and responsibly cared for for almost his entire life, would be protecting her older, biological son.

    The older boy could have hurt Kyron in a fit of rage, or it's possible the older boy may have been inappropriate with Kyron. Terri's bio-son was sent away right after Kyron went missing. There are also some hints that Kyron and the bio-son were NOT getting along.


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