Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mega Millions Winning Numbers Cause Mega Millions Web Site to Crash?

Mega Millions winning numbers are 1, 31, 33, 34, 50 and the Mega Ball is 41.  The Megaplier is 4, meaning that if you win a prize and you chose that megaplier you will be extremely lucky!  There are several Mega Millions winners who have won a reported $250,000 - enough to pay off an average home!

I played the Mega millions, but I haven't checked my numbers yet. I like to dream about the "what ifs", although at this time I know I was not the big winner.

The Mega Millions lottery has climbed to $52 million, with a $34 million cash option - meaning that after you pay taxes you would walk away with about half that.  Hey - I'd take it!

I will likely check my Mega Millions ticket when I go get gas later on today.  If I win, it will likely just be $2-$3, in which case I will "reinvest" my earnings and purchase another ticket. 

Tonight, the PowerBall lotto numbers are drawn. That jackpot is up to $72 million. In certain states you can play both games. In others, you can only buy one type of ticket. 

Winnings range from the jackpot and then from $250,000 down to $2 or $3. 

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