Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mississippi Immigration Law Considered: Controversial Arizona Immigration SB1070 SImilarities

Mississippi immigration law could be reformed similar to the controversial Arizona immigration law SB1070. Believe it or not, Mississippi has an illegal immigrant problem - perhaps not as bad as that of Arizona but it's still a problem that cost the state millions of dollars each year. Of course, the ability of Mississippi to pass comprehensive reform will depend largely on whether or not the federal government is successful in suing to block Arizona's SB1070.

Arizona's immigration law seeks to make it a criminal offense to be inside the state of Arizona illegally. Their law is basically a state version of the federal immigration law that is very loosely enforced.

Opponents of the measure claim that it will make racial profiling legal - or at least more commonplace. However, the law specifically states that law enforcement can only inquire about legal immigrant status while investigating another legal issue.

Many other states have voiced that they wish to enact immigration reform similar to that in Arizona. Other states include Nebraska, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, Utah, Georgia, and Texas as well as Arizona.

The states finally sticking up for themselves and trying to do something about lackadaisical federal enforcement of laws showcases that the Natural born Americans and legal immigrants have had enough of those allowed to sneak across the border.

Obama said that the state laws will make it so that immigrants can't even go get ice cream with their kids without the worry of having to justify their legal status. Such comments are mis-informing the public about the premise of the law. As stated before, the immigration law can only be enforced while another legal issue is being investigated.

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