Monday, July 19, 2010

Norma Lopez Missing: California Girl, 17, Disappears on Way Home from Summer School

Norma Lopez is missing.  She's a 17 year old student at Valley View High School student who disappeared on her way home from summer school.  She was last seen walking on Cottonwood avenue.  This is yet another missing child case that has the world in a storm.

Chelsea King was the last high profile teenaged girl to go missing in California.  She was on a jog at  a nearby park when she was abducted, sexually assaulted, and murdered.  She was also only 17 at the time of her death.

Norma is tall and slender and has dark hair.  She's 5' 7" and weighs around 113 pounds.  She was last seen wearing a sleeveless black and white striped shirt.  She was supposed to meet her younger sister and some friends, and never showed up.

Police in the area are going door to door, informing families of the missing persons case so that they can keep an eye out for the young woman.  The quicker they can find her, the better off she will be.

Authorities are also looking for the owners of a green SUV which was seen in the area at the time of her disappearance.  The owners aren't suspects but authorities are hoping that they will have information that will help them locate the missing girl.  They have already found signs of a struggle and some personal effects of the missing teen, indicating that she could be in danger.

Reference: Associated Press

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