Saturday, July 24, 2010

REPORT: Chelsea Clinton $2 Million Wedding

Chelsea Clinton's wedding has been a hot profiled media event. From the guest list, which will include many on the political A-List, to the dress, engagement ring, venue, and honeymoon details - we want the full scoop. Unfortunately, Chelsea doesn't enjoy being in the press and therefore the details have been hush-hush.

We've done some digging, though and here's what we have found out about the Clinton's wedding plans:

According to various reports, those on the guest list have booked rooms at the Beekman Arms Inn. This and a host of other reasons will bring onlookers to the area round the selected venue.

The daughter of the former President and his wife, the Secretary of State is also reported to have chosen the Astor Courts in Rhinebeck as their venue.

The venue didn't come cheap, and neither did the wedding. The Clintons are said to have dropped a whopping $2 million on the nuptials of their only daughter. Each plate is rumored to cost $30,000.

This is a large sum of money for anyone. We hope that the wedding is worth it, and that Clinton and her beau will live a long and prosperous life.

Reference: CBS News

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