Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tom Vilsack USDA Secretary - Forced Resignation of Shirley Sherrod a Bad Call

Tom Vilsack, the USDA Secretary has been in the news because of the whole Shirley Sherrod scandal.  The USDA Secretary forced Sherrod to resign after a conservative blog post showcased a video clip that made her appear to have racial biases. The decision to force the official to leave her post at the USDA is going to haunt Vilsack throughout his political career.

The video clip was supposed to be a jab at the NAACP.  A Tea Party supporter who was targeting the civil rights group used an edited video to make it appear as if she approved of racist treatment of individuals, when really she was sending the opposite message.

Instead of allowing her to explain her side of the story and review the speech which the clip was taken from in its entirety, he made the call to let her go.

The end result? Vilsack has offered Sherrod her job back, but it's not certain that she will take it.  Will she let bygones be bygones and return to the job she loved or will she take a different route, taking a stand to the adversity that she has felt.

So what do you think about the resignation of Sherrod? Should it be Vilsack that is reprimanded, or did he simply make a bad judgment call?

Source: NY Times

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