Thursday, July 1, 2010

VIDEO: BP Oil Spill Live Feed 2010 Gulf Oil Leak Update

The BP oil spill live feed remains a popular way to keep track of the Gulf of Mexico oil leak.  The devastation has continued for over 70 days, and now we are getting closer and closer to having the relief wells drilled and ready to kill the spill.

Former President Clinton had a rather shocking suggestion about how to end the spill today.  He suggests using a explosive weapons and physically blowing up the well and covering the spill with "piles and piles" of debris.

He said Unless we send the Navy down deep to blow up the well and cover the leak with piles and piles and piles of debris, which may become necessary- and you don't have a nuclear weapon, by the way, I've seen all that stuff. Just blow it up. Unless we're going to do that, we are dependent on the technical expertise of these people at BP.

This would ensure that the United States wouldn't have to rely on BP's technology and plans for stopping the spill.

Sounds kind of over-the-top, doesn't it? When you think about it, though it may be one of the more common sense approaches that we have heard about. We've tried to shove mud in the lines, we've shot garbage in the lines, we have turned to Kevin Costner to help fix the spill, and we are using mats of hair to soak up some of the oil.  Surely a deep sea explosion isn't all that crazy.

Something needs to be done - and fast.  We need to make sure that the well is sealed off and the oil cleaned up as soon as possible so that everyone in the Gulf region can get back to their way of life.

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