Monday, July 19, 2010

White iPhone 4 Release Date - Availability Begins July 30th 2010?

Steve Jobs knows that the elusive White iPhone 4 is important to the consumers who have been putting off their new smartphone upgrade or purchase until the color has been released.  Many iPhone 4 customers wanted a white body, and were disheartened first when the model wasn’t available for presale and second when it wasn’t available the day the sales began in stores.

At Apple, the availability of colors is the last thing on their minds.  There has been an enormous uproar over the reception experience.  In fact, the name of the problem has been dubbed “Antennagate”, suggesting a large scale conspiracy on the part of the Cupertino , California based Tech Firm.

“Antennagate” makes an allusion to the infamous 1970’s political scandal, “Watergate.”  This was the scandal that involved the break-in into the Democratic National Convention, which ultimately lead to the resignation of Nixon.

Even though this politically dubbed controversy has been bogging down the rumor mills, the White iphone 4 is still in high demand. According to the press conference on July 16th, Apple has pledged to have this problem fixed by the end of July 2010.

Oh, and for Antennagate conspiracy theorists...Apple is going to give all iPhone 4 buyers a free bumper case to solve the "death grip" problem.  For those who already bought a bumper, you will be eligible for a full refund of the purchase price up to $29. 

For those who still aren't happy, Apple will take back your iPhone 4 up to 30 days after its purchase.


  1. Where and how do u go get the free bumper cases ?

  2. pre orders for white iPhone 4? or just camp out at the apple store July 29th?

  3. You can get the free cases at at the end of this week.

  4. Anonymous,

    Steve Jobs said that there would be an online form at the end of the week (meaning around this Friday the 23rd). We can use that to get the bumper or be refunded. Hopefully there might be an option to get a refund or bumper at a nearby store so people don't have to wait for the mailing process (back and forth).

  5. It should also be noted, customers will be given a choice of cases to choose from, this includes Apple's own bumper case.

    This is apparently to help alleviate the bumper case shortages which are likely to occur.

  6. yes i do agree. Although apple should be handing out the free bumpers to all and every costumer who receives one of there fantastic Iphone 4's.


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