Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Antibiotics: 'Super Bug' May Not Respond to Treatments (VIDEO)

A super bug has been discovered in India. The superbug releases a chemical rendering typical antibiotics useless. This is very scary - and although the bug has origins in India and Pakistan, it could make its rounds around the world rather quickly.  Already, there are reports that people in the UK who have traveled to India and Pakistan have been impacted by the so-called super bug.

US officials have noted that three people who have gone to India for affordable health care have contracted the super bug. This is the fear that many health officials have - many people who go in search of affordable  cosmetic surgery could unknowingly bring back the bug and spread the infection around the globe.

It takes time for researchers to come up with ways to treat these so-called super bugs.  Typical antibiotics have been used for many years as a way to combat bacteria and illness, and the inability to use them puts up a road block for medical treatments.

This is a story to keep an eye on.  Rest assured that there are treatments available for those who contract the super bug, but it's still a dangerous situation as germs can mutate.

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