Thursday, August 26, 2010

An LA County Sheriff's Department Heat Ray Cruel Controversy

Is LA County Sheriff's Department heat ray cruel? The LA Sherriff's department has a new heat ray device that is getting the protest of many human rights activists. The name of the heat ray is "Assault Intervention Device" which you could probably shorten to simply "AID". 

It's a scaled down version of a military weapon that makes you feel like you are on fire.  The LA County Sheriff's department has several of these objects and plans to have many of them installed by Labor Day.

This will be the first time a heat ray has been used in a civilian law enforcement manner.  Many people are just outraged about this and think it is stepping on the human rights of criminals - and have even dubbed it as torturous.

The heat ray doesn't actually injure someone.  The device would be used in riot situations in order to subdue inmates without using means that would injure someone. 

So which is worse - shooting someone with a pellet gun, tasing them, spraying someone in the face with chemical sprays or using a heat ray that doesn't injure them but makes them feel uncomfortable? In a world of non lethal munitions, I would have to say I would opt for the heat gun every day - but I could see how some people are against it. 

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