Monday, August 2, 2010

Photo: Bill Clinton walks Chelsea Clinton down the aisle at wedding

Former president Bill Clinton walked Chelsea Clinton down the aisle at her exclusive wedding in Rhinebeck , New York .  Although Chelsea Clinton’s wedding was absent of a media entourage, it’s still one of THE hottest events of the century.

Bill Clinton lost weight to walk his daughter down the aisle.  It’s reported that she told him that all he had to do was walk her down the aisle, and he had to look good doing it. Of course, just being Bill Clinton is enough in the eyes of many, but this is his daughter, the bride talking.  She reportedly told him he needed to lose 15 pounds.

And so he did He lost at least 15 pounds, per his bridezilla…er…daughter’s request.  Typically it’s the bride and the mother of the bride speaking about losing weight for the big day.  Of course, when you are the Secretary of State, you may not exactly have time for a weight loss regimen.

We know that Chelsea is health conscious just from her gluten free wedding cake. She reportedly purchased a gluten free cake from La Tulipe Bakery in New York . 

What do you think of Bill Clinton walking Chelsea down the aisle? Don’t they look great? Chelsea ’s flowered into a beautiful young woman, and Bill  looks fab with his noticeably slimmer frame.

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