Thursday, August 12, 2010

VIDEO: Glenn Beck a Supporter of Gay Marriage Rights?

Glenn Beck is a supporter of gay marriage rights? Gay marriage rights are a hot item, and Fox News Glenn Beck talked about the topic when he debated with Bill O’Reilly on the subject matter.

Many think of Glenn Beck as a bat-crazy conservative, who’s ready to take America back to the 1700’s. While he is a conservative, there are arguments out there that he’s more of a fiscal conservative – not a social one.

Glenn Beck believes that individual churches – not the states – should decide who can and cannot get married. He claims that the government has no right to dictate who can and cannot marry.

This echoes many of Beck’s ideologies that the government doesn’t need to stick their nose into every social argument. Abortion is about the only thing that Beck believes a government has a right to dictate

As the gay marriage rights campaigns move forward – expect more out of states other than just California . Stars such as Cynthia Nixon in NYC have expressed interest that their states get the same rights as California .

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