Sunday, September 26, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law and Controversial Billboard Discussions

Arizona Immigration law is brought to light in a new controversial billboard that one Sheriff wants taken down. You see, the message on the billboard has a quote from Sheriff Paul Babeu which reads ""This is our most serious public safety issue and a national security threat to America."

The image on the billboard is one of a Hispanic family, and the Sheriff believes that the sign makes him appear to be racist. This, he contends, makes it difficult for him to act in capacity of Sheriff.

The owner of the billboard, Frank Pierson told Fox News that the message was to "balance the clear need to get the bad guys and get them out of our society but also to pay attention to the human dignity of individuals and families who have come here seeking a better life as many of our forebearers did."

A photo of the billboard from is available on this post. Of course, it does appear as if the message pokes fun at the need for immigration reform, by placing a harmless looking family next to the aforementioned quote.

Comprehensive immigration reform is called for by a variety of law enforcement officials and citizens in general. However, attempts at enforcing the laws at hand have been turned into racial issues. In addition, there are an increasing amount of legislations such as the DREAM Act and AgJobs bill which seek to give certain illegals rights. Is this correct? What do you think about the Arizona immigration law billboard?


  1. That's unethical... They should take that down immediately.

  2. Billboard is right.we are tired of racism in this country. WWJD


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