Thursday, September 16, 2010

Body Found In Shark at Bahamas Missing Sailor Judson Newton

A Body found inside a shark turned out to be missing sailor Judson Newton.  Newton went missing when swimming to shore after his recreational boat stalled.  He is a cargo ship sailor. A tiger shark turns out to be the culprit behind the sailor's disappearance, as authorities identified him via fingerprint tests after he was discovered in the body of a Tiger Shark. 

Authorities are still waiting DNA testing to be 100% positive that they have not misidentified the body. Ironically, the area where the shark was caught was near where the hit movie "Jaws the Revenge" was shot.

The events unfolded when a recreational fisher hooked the shark.  He was appalled to find a human leg protruding from the carnivore's mouth.  Upon dissection, it was revealed that a torso and severed limbs were found inside the creature's body.

Friends of the missing sailor note that he was an experienced swimmer, and that they would be shocked if he drowned.  

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  1. I think calling "Jaws the Revenge" a hit is a bit of a stretch.


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