Sunday, September 12, 2010

Greenland Iceberg Crashes into Island, Splits in Two (Photo)

A Greenland iceberg crashed into an island and split in two. The iceberg in Greenland isactually an ice island four times the size ofManhattan, and it crashed into an island and split into two. The thickness is roughly half that of the Empire State Building.

The iceberg broke off the Greenmann Petersburg Glacier last month, and was dangerously near a straight that doubles as a shipping route. Experts previously worried that the iceberg would black shipping passageways.

The iceberg split into two, and one piece is sixty miles, and the other is 32. They are floating towards Newfoundland, but aren't expected to hit land for two years - and by then they will have melted.

Icebergs of this size are usually seen more in Antarctica than the Arctic. It's not uncommon for ice to chip off of glaciers, and it typically happens during the summer months. This phenomenon has been made worse by global warming, and the melting of polar ice caps could eventually lead to rising ocean water levels.

In the photo shown, you can barely see the island that was hit by the iceberg. This is how massive the two chunks of frozen water are!


  1. The empire state building isn't known for its thickness; perhaps you meant to say it's as thick as half of the empire state building's height?

  2. Please explain the scientific mechanism in which global warming(C02 induced warming) could have had anything to do with this event.

    To date regardless of the propaganda and constant assumptions - there is not one scientific mechanism that can account for this in terms of C02 induced warming.
    Your conclusion that global warming is responsible is completely unfounded in science, truth or reality.


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