Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mexican Mayor Killed: Could Mexican Drug Cartels Target Civilian Government?

A Mexican mayor killed lines international headlines again.  In what seems to be a heated drug fueled war, the drug cartels in Mexico are not stopping with rival gangs. In fact, it appears as if they could be targeting civilians and civilian government. 

Hilary Rodham Clinton made the statement that Mexico is beginning to look like how Colombia looked some 20 years ago. Mexican officials disagree, stating that the drug cartels do not exert political significance and are not allied with domestic rebel insurgencies. 

Mayor Alexander Lopez Garcia is the third mayor to be killed in less than a month.  This is rather alarming, considering that mass graves have been found in the area and more and more violent reports are emerging. 

The crime reports are very important to the US, who shares a border with Mexico.  It is the northern most region of Mexico that appears to have the most violence. 

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  1. I do not find the Mexican government very credible in anything they say.

    A conflict which kills 28,000 of a country's citizens is a civil war not an insurgency.

    Frankly, Mexico should look in the mirror, the division of wealth in the country over the last 80 years has produced this civil war.


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