Friday, September 3, 2010

Pakistan Match Fixing 2010 (Cricket) Investigation Could Take a While

The Pakistan cricket match fixing scandal is looming, and Test captain Salman Buttand fast bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir have been questioned by authorities in London .

The ICC notes that the three are suspended after several allegations.

Chief executive of the ICC Haroon Lorgat notes that the ICC will do anything to maintain the integrity of the sport – at whatever cost is necessary.

Various offenses have been charged against them due to “irregular” behaviour during the fourth test match between Pakistan and England at Lord’s last month.

News of the World, a tabloid in Europe , broke a story that contends that a middle man received 150,000 GBP to have the Pakistani team bowl no-bowls during the fourth test match.

Some urge that the match fixing allegations be taken “as seriously as doping.”


  1. Bull shit! how come the icc is so much active in pakistan team mach fixing while there were so many other players in past who had done these things what did icc did at that time?
    I am not saying that if its proven that the players in pakistan cricket team have match fixed they shouldnt be punished they should but only by pakistan cricket board......

  2. Dave,

    I entirely disagree with Aamir Khan, ICC should punish all that involve, after all ICC is the governing body for international cricket. And furthermore PCB should also be disciplined for showing leniency towards the guilty players. PCB has very bad habit of over turning punishments dished out by ICC, so many examples in the past. That behaviour from PCB has somewhat encouraged these Pakistani players to cheat and take bribes. Pakistani players always keep doing this, why? because they are not punished properly. ICC should through the book all involved with LIFETIME ban and issue serious warning to PCB.

  3. how did Zinta win 2matches after meeting Chandraswami?


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