Monday, September 6, 2010

Rachel Wade Sentenced: 27 Year Sentence for Murder of Sarah Ludemann

Rachel Wade's sentencing took place, and Wade has been sentenced to 27 years in jail as a result of the brutal stabbing of Sarah Ludemann. The motive behind the attack was a love triangle gone awry.

The family of Sarah Ludemann isn't thrilled with the sentence, as they hoped for life in prison. Furthermore, the family of Wade was hoping for a lighter sentence than was dished out.

Wade's attorney asked for a 15 year sentence followed by 15 years probation, claiming that she was a "youthful offender." She was tried as an adult, and convicted of second degree murder.

She is eligible for parole after serving 85% of her sentence. She will spend many of the most joyous years of her life behind bars, but then again Sarah Ludemann was taken from this world way before her time.

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  1. Two lives were lost. Shoot the boyfriend.


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