Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chile Miners Coming Home Soon?

Chile Miners coming home soon? It looks like the trapped miners in Chile will be home well before Christmas, as rescue crews have been successful in drilling a hole that will be used to lift the miners, one by one, to safety.

Right now, the hole is being re-inforced with steel to ensure that it doesn't collapse while the 33 Chile miners are being rescued. In fact, the first miner may be out as early as Wednesday.

The miners have been trapped in a small area. Luckily, crews are able to get them air, food, and water through a small shaft that has been drilled.

Currently, there's no announcement about which miner will go first.

Sadly, the mining company has since filed bankruptcy. The trapped miners will not get paid for their time below the earth's surface. However, right now their focus is on getting out.

When the first Chile miners is pulled from the hole, we will let you know.

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