Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Rescue of Miners Update

Chilean Rescue of Miners is taking place right now. The 33 miners who have been trapped well below the earth's surface are finally being lifted to safety. Family and friends are gathering at the site of the mine, and people are so very excited that, one by one, the miners are coming out.

These are remarkable individuals. Some have become fathers while underground, others have experienced heartache. All are lucky to be alive and owe their survival to the small hole where they have been able to get food and water for the past couple of months.

Where many thought that the discovery of the missing miners weeks ago would end in sadness, it's ended in great victory. Los 33 now has a long way to go before life is normal again, but at least they are getting out of the mine one by one.

The last many out will get named in the Guiness Book of Records for the person who was able to stay underground in a mine the longest. What are your thoughts on the Chilean rescue of Miners video update?

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