Sunday, October 24, 2010

Clarence Thomas Perjury Claims?

Clarence Thomas perjury claims? After the events of last week, it seems like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's past might be coming back to bite him where it hurts. For some reason or another, Virginia Lamp Thomas took it upon herself to come forward and call Anita Hill asking for an apology.

Anita Hill claimed that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her, inquiring about her cup size and also making references to adult films. She was not brought to the stand to testify because of questions of her credibility, but the claims nearly derailed Thomas' bid to become Supreme Court justice under Bush 1.

Now that Virginia Lamp Thomas's voice mail has been in the press, Lilian McEwan, one of Thomas' ex girlfriends has come forward claiming that he was "obsessed" with adult films and also talked about the chest size of the women in his office.

Honestly, I don't think anything will come of the claims. It would be hard to prove or disprove that Clarence Thomas lied. If Anita Hill's claims weren't enough to totally derail his bid, then chances are many years later without hard evidence it will be hard to get him off the bench.

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