Monday, October 18, 2010

Elections: Rand Paul Aqua Buddha?

Rand Paul's Anti-Christian past was attacked by Jack Conway. Conway is the democratic hopeful for Kentucky's Senate seat, and Rand Paul is the Tea Party Backed GOP hopeful. Someone from Rand Paul's past claims that back in the 80's when they were college students at Baylor, Paul was involved in her kidnapping.

She was allegedly drugged, tied up, and abducted by Rand and other "NoZe Brotherhood" members. She was then forced to bow to "Aqua Buddha."

I know, I know. Witchcraft and Aqua Buddha. No wonder CBS ended Days of Our Lives...the Elections became enough of a soap opera to keep us all entertained.

Of the accusations, Rand Paul says (according to the Huffington Post) "Do we live in an era where people can come forward anonymously and accuse you of things and then all of a sudden I am supposed to spend the rest of the campaign defending myself against anonymous accusers who say I kidnapped them? The story just borders on ridiculous."

With all of the crazy sideshow claims, what has become of the election?

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about Rand Paul's claims isn't the kidnapping - it's the affiliation with the NoZe society. They allegedly made fun of Baylor's Baptist faith based principles.

What do you think about Rand Paul's Anti Christian past attacked by Jack Conway?

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