Friday, October 8, 2010

Glenn Beck: Atrocious Cranick House Fire in Tennessee Justified [VIDEO]

Glenn Beck: The South Fulton, Tennessee fire department was justified for not putting out Gene Cranick’s house fire. Now, Glenn Beck is speaking about a horrific scene where one man stood by firefighters and watched as fire swept his home, demolished his possessions, and killed his pets.

On his radio show, Glenn Beck pointed out that the fire department was justified because the man failed to pay a $75.00 fee. He said that if the fire department put his fire out, allowing to pay later then how would they get anyone to take the fee seriously.

There’s no human compassion involved in this. Could you imagine if an emergency room doctor refused treatment for a patient who failed to pay a $75 co-pay and subsequently died? What if Cranick’s children, wife, or other people were inside the house?

Although money is very important, there should still be regulations which make it so that the Tennessee fire situation doesn’t happen again. Glenn Beck may have a point that people can’t free ride, but human compassion should still exist

What do you think of Glenn Beck’s comments?


  1. The people whose house burned had paid the fee in past years and claimed it was an oversight. Regardless of how they ended up in that situation, any decent human being would not standby while another's house burns. "Volunteer State"? They should be ashamed!

    Beck isn't a journalist. He doesn't do research. Listening to him like taking career advice from your cousin who didn't finish high school.

  2. Glenn Beck is a &*%X@%. I have absolutely no respect for this whiner



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