Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hiccup Girl Arrested, Could Use Hiccups As Murder Defense

Hiccup girl arrested! Could the Hiccup girl, Jennifer Mees, use her unprecedented case of the hiccups as a defense for murder? That's right - Jennifer Mees, the girl who went viral in 2007 after having a case of the pesky hiccups that left her doing it 50 times a minute could actually use that outburst as a defense to allegations that she murdered someone. 

Mees is charged with first degree murder, and faces the death penalty if convicted.  However, she could face lesser charges or be released all together. 

Mees' mother believes that the Tourettes will be a good defense against murder charges.  The 19 year old is being held without bond, but in protective custody because she is a high profile inmate. 

Jennifer Mees has been living a transient lifestyle, which has ended up getting her in considerable amounts of trouble. 

Below see video about the Hiccup Girl being arrested. 

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