Monday, October 11, 2010

John Raese Hicks Ad Condemned by West Virginian Governor

John Raese Hicks Ad Condemned by West Virginian Governor. John Raese is the GOP candidate for West Virginia's Senate race, and he's running against Joe Manchin, the current governor of the state. Raese and the Republican party ran an interesting ad early on in the race that is now drawing criticism.

This is a classic tale of something blowing up in your face.

John Raese's "hick" ad features blue-collar men sitting in a diner talking about how they will vote against Joe Manchin because he's a good guy and they want to keep him in West Virginia because when he gets around Obama he turns in to a liberal.

However, the casting was out of state actors, and the call was for "blue-collar hick types" ... so the Republican party wanted to cast "hicks" to play West Virginians.


So which is worse...dabbling in witchcraft or trying to cast "hicks" to represent your state?

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  1. I am a West Virginian and I am highly insulted by this condescending and insulting portrayal of West Virginians as "hicks". How can ANYONE from West Viginia vote for a man who would denegrate the great citizens of West Virginia????? Our people may not have a lot of money, multiple places to call "home" or fancy cars, etc.... but they are GOOD PEOPLE who deserve better, Mr. Raese! A public apology is in order!!!


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