Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joy Behar, Sharron Angle Controversy

Joy Behar, Sharron Angle controversy. Wherever there's a tea party candidate, there's likely to be a sideshow. For Sharron Angle, that sideshow is "The View" co-host Joy Behar. Angle recently released a political ad dissing her opponent, Senator Harry Reid, as it relates to his views on illegal immigration.

Behar found offense in the ad, and called Sharron Angle a b-word, and said she was "going to hell." Barbara Walters and the rest of the crew looked visibly uncomfortable with Behar's rant.

To make matters worse (or better, depending on how you look at it) Sharron Angle sent Joy Behar flowers, noting that after Behar said she was "going to hell" she received more contributions. Joy Behar's potty mouth once again called Angle the B-word.

Some are calling for Joy Behar to be fired if she doesn't apologize. Should she, or is this just Behar exercising her freedom of speech?


  1. She should be fired. She is totally unprofessional. Joy certainly should not be on a show called "The View" because she can not accept anyones view but her own. She can't even quietly sit there and let them express their views. Personally I am sick of "her way or the highway" attitude. That is exactly how the terrorists think. That is what we are fighting against.

  2. She should remain. Provides an excellent example of why children should be taught to express their anger without resorting to profanity or temper tantrums.

  3. I agree completely with the first comment. Joy should be fired from the View...she is way out of line and completely unprofessional. She does not listen to others point of view and "her way or the highway" attitude is completely disrespectful.

  4. Better yet...boycot the sponsors of the View.

  5. Why isn't there an outcry by the media on this?!!! Behar can damn someone to hell? What is our country becoming?!!! As we continue to accept this, perhaps one-by-one we are all heading to hell. Sad.

  6. Joy Behar is and always has been a bully. She admitted that she "was bullied...and didn't like it." Unfortunately, as often is the case, she became a bully. She is so egotistical that she cannot step back and see herself as others may see her. Treat others as you would like to be treated is not her motto. She is rude and has no place on a program that invites guests to express their "views." The only view on The View is Joy's and others who agree with her. If she were "conservative' she would have been fired on the spot. Think: Juan williams.

  7. So let me get this straight: Juan Williams gets fired for expressing fear of Muslims in close quarters, and,

    the foul-mouthed, seethingly angry Joy Behar over a political candidate gets to stay comfortably employed.

    Make sense?

  8. She should be fired immediately. Her actions are totally unprofessional and she should be fired from the View and her own show. Who wants to watch a spoiled brat rant and rave,cuss and act like a big bully. She is showing what she really is!!
    Fire her on the spot!! America needs to stand up to for our values. There shouldn't even be a question to what should be done with her!!

  9. The View is not an appropriate venue for Joy to be taking political hostages. She should practice keeping her radical views to herself. And, you are all right...nobody had better have a different political point of view...Emperess Joy will bully and badger you OR stomp off the stage.

    Joy is the vision of true unprofessionalism.

    I hope she leaves the show. I know I won't be watching The View anymore.

    Really too used to be a very entertaining and informative show.

  10. behar is trash. enough said about her.
    my disappointment is with walters.
    years of building respect in her field falling apart on a show of such low standards.
    soooooo sad!!!

  11. She should be fired. Walters has let her go on long enough. She is a trashy mouth woman, who thinks her view is the only one that counts. She needs to grow up and realize that she isn't the only person out there. She rant and raves when all she is doing is trying to bully people and makes jokes about it. I will quit watching the view until they get rid of her.


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