Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams Hosts O'Reilly Factor After New Fox News Contract

Juan Williams Hosts O'Reilly Factor After New Fox News Contract. Former NPR correspondent Juan Williams hosts the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News after he got fired from NPR and received a reported $2 million contract from Fox News.

The O'Reilly Factor is typically hosted by Bill O'Reilly who has been front and center in the media for the past week after his appearance on "The View." While on "The View" O'Reilly said some things that struck a chord with Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg and actually caused them to walk off.

His comment? That Muslims killed us on 9/11. Since then, the Liberal media has been in a tissy, and Juan Williams from NPR went on the O'Reilly Factor Monday to discuss. He was subsequently fired for his comments on the show.

However, after seeing Juan Williams on O'Reilly Factor, I am really hoping that he gets his own nightly news show. He's got a unique perspective and one that I think will be great for Conservative African Americans.


  1. Yeah I have just finished watching Juan hosting effort. Frankly he was a LOT better than O'Reilly usually is lately. Williams looked as if he actually cared about what he was doing.

    Frankly Juan was 'en fuego' tonight. Roger Ailes must be really happy right about now.

  2. Good job Juan. It was nice to hear your guess point of view without disruption.

    As your talking points said other people have made bigoted remarks and remain employed. Remember, this is America. Remain cognitive of the dynamics of this country, after all you wrote books about it.

  3. Jaun has never been my favorite commentator, but after hearing his opening on O'Reilly tonite I gotta say he is King for a Day and should now be referred to as Jaun, "The Hammer" Williams. Absolutely beautiful, spectacular and most appropriate. Congratulations to Jaun The Hammer Williams.

  4. Why say for conservative African Americans. Jeez what a mouthful! How about for all Americans? I'm white and I love Juan!


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