Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Rally To Restore Sanity" Attendance Estimates 150000

"Rally To Restore Sanity" Attendance Estimates 150000.  There were approximately 150,000 in attendance at the "Rally to Restore Sanity" according to attendance estimates.  The estimates of those in attendance are figured by studying aerial photographs of the area around the National Mall. 

A few months ago, the Glenn Beck Rally attendance drummed up a lot of controversy, as CBS pegged the attendance at 87,000 whereas other more robust estimates were around 500,000. 

Of course, when it comes to political events, it's rare that the attendance figures will be exact. No one wants to be responsible for giving out rally attendance figures. 

What do you think that the Rally to Restore Sanity attendance estimates and actual attendance were?


  1. I was there.You have grossly underestimated the crowd Every person we spoke to who flew in said that up to ninety percent of their fellow passengers were Rally goers. 12of the 14 ppl on our hotel shuttle were Rally goers. Can we please see an aerial pic of the Rally juxtaposed against Glenn Becks rally? and I pictures of the Mall immediately after both Rallys ? Cause Saners did NOT litter. An absolutely respectful event in every way. GO USA!

  2. Watched it- Impressed- Well balanced with shots at the hatemongers on both sides. I'm going to take a vacation from FOX and MSNBC for the rest of the year

  3. The Park Police should have the cajones to give out estimates of any demonstration, based on arial photos of the mall and surrounding areas (since many folks never made it onto the mall). They have the experience to give estimates based on a methodology they would develop and use in a consistent manner.

    If they are too subject to political influence to do this, one of the major networks should do it. They could get an aerial photograph, divide it into sectors, and employ high school students to count the heads in each sector or in representative sectors. They could have each sector counted multiple times to ensure accuracy. To pay for this they could reduce the salaries of some of their celebrities to a more reasonable figure.

    It is truly a sign and measure of our country's corruption and decay that we cannot even get accurate and agreed-on figures for the size of public demonstrations and that we accept this inability as a matter of course.

  4. Keep in mind that the reflecting pool is in the middle of the crowd at the Beck ralley so you have two thin strips of people spread around the pool with some spreading into the trees. The Restore Sanity ralley filled the whole space of the other end of the mall as well as into the trees and buildings on the sides. The Sanity rally probably had at least three times as many poeple.

  5. There was at least 5 million people at Beck´s rally. That is how I "feel" about it! So there... Go sanity!


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