Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Travel Alert 2010: Americans at Risk for European Travel, as France Arrests 12

Travel Alert 2010: The government has issued alerts for Americans traveling abroad, noting that they should be “extra vigilant” when visiting other countries. Today, it was announced that France made 12 terror related arrests, showcasing that this isn’t just some one-off isolated incident.

The arrests come in connection to an Italian arrest of a French national. The Frenchman was arrested in Naples , Italy and various other individuals contact information was taken from his Cell Phone. His name is Ryan Hannouni.

The fears are that European locations would be bombed similar to that experienced in Mumbai , India . The war on terror rages on, and acts of violence do not go without expectations.

Tensions between Al Qaeda and the US have been growing. The US and the Muslim world – even Muslims living in America – have been increasingly at odds. As Iran is becoming a nuclear power, and the peace talks between Israel and Palestine have ceased, our adversaries may very well try to take advantage of the times we may be distracted with other worldly

Again, the travel alerts issued do not indicate that it is unsafe to travel, just to be extra vigilant.

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