Friday, October 15, 2010

Unemployment Extension 2010

Unemployment extension 2010 is needed, and if the most recent jobs reports doesn’t tell us that then I don’t know what will. The fact remains that right now, passing another unemployment extension is the last thing on the agenda of the administration. When the Senate reconvenes, I expect the topics of discussion to quickly switch to passing the Bush Era tax cuts.

So much of the progress in the administration until the end of the year depends on the results from November 2 elections.

If the GOP dominates the polls, then expect the unemployment extension, particularly the Americans want to work act, to be pushed aside. Also expect tiers 1-4 to expire without a renewal.

The jobs reports recently released indicate that new jobless claims increased by 13,000 to 462,000 for this past week. The economy is nowhere near creating the number of jobs needed to put a dent in the 9.6% unemployment rate. The unemployment extension is needed to help the helpless survive during these hard times.

Of course, the S3706 bill proposed by Debbie Stabenow was thwarted by George Lemieux, who cited concerns about the nation’s debt for the reason for stopping the bill’s passage.

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