Sunday, November 7, 2010

Amber Dubois And Chelsea King's Killer CBS Interview

Amber Dubois And Chelsea King's Killer CBS Interview was chilling. Amber DuBois and Chelsea King never knew each other, but will undeniably be linked in history by a sociopathic monster, John Gardner II, who is now serving 2 life sentences without parole for their murders and a separate 33 year sentence for the assault of a second woman.

Given the chance, he admits he'd kill again. He also gave a chilling tale of exchanges between him and Amber DuBois before her murder. For instance, she wanted to listen to music to forget she was there with him.

He said he lured her in to his car with a knife, and had a gun ready to use.

Amber DuBois went missing, and was not found until after Chelsea King's murder earlier this year. King was abducted in the same park where another lady was assaulted late last year.

Gardner is the worst kind of murderer - no amount of prison, rehab, or anything will make him able to be in society again. He admitted he is where he belongs - right behind bars.

That's a chilling tale of Amber DuBois and Chelsea King, isn't it? I'm glad their killer is behind bars forever.

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