Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blame & Rand Paul: 2 Winners In Kentucky This Week

Blame & Rand Paul were two winners in Kentucky this week. Rand Paul won the Kentucky Senate seat, and Blame won the Breeders' Cup Classic, defying the odds and defeating the previously undefeated Zenyatta.

In some respects, Blame and Rand Paul are a lot alike. They faced adversity and the odds weren't stacked in their favor.

Rand Paul was backed by the Tea Party - something that many thought would place him as "too conservative" or "too extreme" or "radical" in the minds of voters. Jack Conway seemed to be guaranteed a win, even if by razor thin margins.

And then there's Zenyatta. She was beat only by a head by Blame - who may not have been a favorite but was a strong contender indeed. However, Zenyatta fell to a horse which delivered a great present. Blame is from Kentucky himself, and gave to his owner the ultimate farm anniversary present - a Breeders' Cup victory on the 100th anniversary.

So congrats to Blame and to Rand Paul, two unlikely yet confirmed winners in Kentucky this week.

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