Tuesday, November 2, 2010

California Marijuana 2010 Proposition Debates

California Marijuana 2010 proposition debates are rolling in. Should California's marijuana proposition, aka Prop 19, pass? Some are saying that the legalization of marijuana across the broad public would be a good thing.

There are some who say that the California's marijuana proposition would create an economy for a state which is suffering 12.4% unemployment. In addition, it would help raise tax revenues for the California state government.

Those against the measure claim that it will inspire drug abuse, bring down worker productivity and increase crime. Arguments that the marijuana legalization will take a product off the black market fall on deaf ears.

The debate will continue for the next few hours or until the polls close tonight. Then, if it passes or fails will open up more debates in the future.

Below see a video about California marijuana 2010 proposition debates:

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