Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glenn Beck: Barbara Bush 'Oatmeal Box Lady'

Glenn Beck called Barbara Bush the "oatmeal box lady" in an unprecedented verbal assault against the former first lady and mother of our last president. Given that Beck is a conservative commentator and analyst and Barbara Bush is a republican it's awfully hard to believe.

What started the verbal tongue lashing? Well, Barbara Bush in an interview with Larry King said when asked about Sarah Palin that Palin is "Beautiful" but she hopes she "stays in Alaska." It's no secret that Palin may be testing out the waters for a 2012 run at the presidency, however she has yet to formally announce a candidacy.

Beck claims it's improper to comment on someone's looks, even when it's a compliment. Furthermore, he went on to say that Larry King makes "Barbara Bush look like she's 30", and went on to call Barbara Bush the "oatmeal box lady."

While Beck does make a lot of good points, it's this type of tirade - where he cuts down complimenting ones looks and turns around and chastises someone's looks - make him look like the nut so many people claim he is. He's got a lot of good ideas, a lot of good points - but they are clouded by his melodramatic commentary.

Beck then went on a tirade about how Bush 41 was a "progressive" - although the "progressives" detested his one term in office.

Perhaps anyone Beck doesn't particularly agree with is a progressive?

I still can't believe that Glenn Beck called Barbara Bush the "oatmeal box lady", though!

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  1. Wow... she sure looks like the picture on the front of my box of Oatmeal. At least he didn't say that Obama was a snake charmer. I mean, Castro knows that Obama doesn't sit in front of a basket with his flute while getting his snakes to dance... oh wait... he meant he could sell freezers to Eskimos... now I get it.


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