Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Illinois Election Results 2010

Illinois election results 2010 - senate seat formerly held by Barack Obama has turned to a Republican seat and will be held by Mark Kirk. This is one of the Senate races that has been in the national eye for some time.

The Delaware senate seat formerly held by Joe Biden stayed blue, as Christine O'Donnell was defeated by Chris Coons. This wasn't a shocker as O'Donnell has become the butt of many national jokes centering over quirky statements she made during the 90's while on Bill Maher's various shows.

The GOP took the House, but will not take the Senate, although the GOP has picked up 6 seats so far. However, this could change as votes are counted and the results are poured in.

Election results for Illinois were somewhat of a shocker, in a battle which was dirty even by Illinois political standards. However, the GOP victory will not be overlooked as the Democratic party realizes just how the American people feel about the current administration.

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