Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Legalization Of Cannabis

Legalization of Cannabis...tomorrow, amid all of the speculation that California voters face, they face one ballot measure that is controversial, and that's the legalization of marijuana. Prop 19 is the ballot measure that would legalize the previously illegal drug.

But only in the state of California - as with Gay Marriage, chances are if the law is passed, the federal government will swoop in and act. After all, marijuana is still illegal at the federal level.

Legalization of Cannabis is said to be a new economic source of income for legitimate businesses, and is rumored to bring down crime in the state of California. Opponents say that abuse of the drug will increase, and worker productivity will suffer.

But think of all the people that won't lose their jobs for failing a drug test?

What are your views on the Legalization of marijuana?


  1. I hope people vote yes, so that people can decide for themselves if they would like to possess a plant without possible jail/prison time. I have a hunch circulation of cannabis will increase for a brief time after legalizing of the plant, but then decrease once it's not considered taboo. Either way if your allowed to vote, you should be allowed to grow/smoke/eat/vaporize a plant.

  2. Vote 'Yes', then get over it. Pot may not be for you. If not, how unfortunate.
    As a pot smoker for 40 years, the only serious health threat, in my opinion, is paranoia induced by prohibition.

  3. 10000 yrs of use and not a single death has ever been directly caused by this PLANT. Can we please wake up people, asprin kills over 100,000 people annually.

  4. It's fascinating and ironic how paranoid the opposition is to legal cannabis. They imagine ills that don't currently exist with the plant will suddenly manifest because of a change in it's legal status.

  5. One need not travel to China to find indigenous cultures lacking human rights. America leads the world in percentile behind bars, thanks to the ongoing open season on hippies, commies, and non-whites in the war on drugs. Cops get good performance reviews for shooting fish in a barrel. If we’re all about spreading liberty abroad, then why mix the message at home? Peace on the home front would enhance global credibility.

    Rooting out the number-one cash crop in the land burns tax dollars instead of booking them. Arresting Americans for gardening empowers outlaws to take over Mexico. Political prisoner Marc Emery’s crime was to keep Madame Secretary Clinton’s promise to Calderon. Emery sold seed to American farmers, reducing U. S. demand for Mexican pot.

    Prison flushes lives down expensive tubes, paid for by our descendants. My shaman’s second opinion is that psychoactive plants are God’s gift. Behold, it’s all good. When Eve ate the apple, she knew a good apple, and evil prohibition. The DEA says, “We don’t need no stinking amendment.”

    Nixon passed the CSA (Controlled Substances Act of 1970) on the false assurance that the Schafer Commission would later justify criminalizing his enemies, but he underestimated Schafer’s integrity. No amendments can assure due process under an anti-science law without due process itself. Psychology hailed the breakthrough potential of LSD, until Schedule One shut down research, and pronounced that marijuana has no medical use.

    The RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993) allows Native American Church members to eat peyote. Non-placebo sacraments remain prohibited to everybody else. Use of entheogen sacraments to mediate communion must be protected for all Americans, irrespective of church. Mortal lawmakers should not presume to thwart the intelligent design that molecular keys unlock spiritual doors.

    Freedom of speech presupposes freedom of thought. The Constitution doesn’t enumerate any governmental power to embargo diverse states of mind. Legislators who would limit cognitive liberty lack jurisdiction. How and when did government usurp this power to coerce conformity? The Puritans sailed to escape coerced religious conformity, only to themselves coerce conformity on Quakers. Persons who appreciate their own free choice of path in life should tolerate seekers’ self-exploration.

    Common-law holds that adults are the legal owners of their own bodies. The Founding Fathers undersigned that the God-given rights of liberty and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable. Socrates said to know your self. He paid the price of death cheerfully for corrupting youth by discussing the unjust hypocrisies of the powerful.

  6. it would make america a better place because ...hells yess!

  7. ii lovvee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!


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