Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ohio Election Results 2010: GOP's Rob Portman Wins?

Ohio Election Results 2010: GOP's Rob Portman has lost against Lee Fisher, keeping Ohio in the red. This is key, as it indicates that there was not a turnover of power in that state. Rob Portman joins Rand Paul, and Dan Coats - who defeated Ellsworth. Jim DeMint is also a Republican in South Carolina

Patrick Leahy is a Democrat that will win in the seat in Vermont.

The experts are projecting that there will be the biggest turnover of power Ever as Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with the way the country is headed, and the liberal agenda.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that in exit polls, some people are indicating that they are voting with the thought of going against Obama and his Administration's agenda.

With the GOP winning Ohio and several other states, they will still need quite a pickup in order to gain the Senate. It's not expected that the GOP will gain control of the senate, even in the wake of the Ohio Election Results 2010.


  1. Portman won or lost? Your article says both. Apparently even political reporters talk out both sides of their mouths.

  2. Geez. . .get the story correct; Portman won.

  3. Rob Portman WON...NOT LOST....YOU IDIOT.


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