Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[PROP 203] Arizona's Proposition 203, Medical Marijuana, Passes

[PROP 203] Arizona's Proposition 203, Medical Marijuana, Passes. Arizona's proposition 203, medical marijuana passes. Proposition 203 makes Arizona the 15th state to enact the legalization of marijuana - a big deal considering just days after the election we thought that the measure failed.

The vote count for Arizona's proposition 203 was like a game of cat and mouse. The failing vote would lead, and then at the end the measure passed by a slim margin of just over 4,400 votes.

In neighboring California, Prop 19 failed as the people of California shockingly rejected the passage of widespread pot legalization.

The state has 120 days to come up with mandates over the regulation of medical marijuana. So far, we know that there will only be 1 dispensary per 10 pharmacies, and that only if you live more than 25 miles from a dispensary can you grow your own.

The state will review applications for dispensaries, and then also for patients. It's not expected that medical marijuana will be available in the state before April of 2011.

What are your thoughts on Prop 203 - Arizona's medical marijuana statute's - passage?


  1. Anyhow, I voted no on prop 203. Really, I don't care if you smoke pot, or do whatever drug you want. What gets me angry is the cost to the state for the regulation of "medical" marijuana and the fact that marijuana will be obtained by kids more easily than ever before. I don't care if you're 30, 40, 50 years old and your a bum that wants to sit on your butt doing drugs all day, but I do care that the potential of our youth can so easily be thrown away.

    And for those of you who would argue that marijuana is better for you than cigarettes and alcohol... In its pure form, marijuana isn't nearly as bad as a pack of smokes. However, as we all know, cigarettes contain much more than tobacco. My fear is that, if and when the day comes that marijuana is legalized full on, marijuana will be taken out of its pure form like tobacco in cigarettes and be just as bad for you as a cigarette is now. Of course, you would then have the cancerous potential of cigarettes combined with mind-altering effects, somewhat similar to alcohol.

    My suggestion: Get a life. I can understand if you're a leukemia patient that needs to use medical marijuana. But for those who would smoke it to unwind, learn to manage your stress in different ways.

  2. less dispenseries = more growing options for patients = cheaper medication for patients!


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