Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[WA] Washington State Election Results 2010 [UPDATE]

Washington State election results 2010 update are available. Now, Patty Murray is leading over GOP challenger Dino Rossi in what is one of the hottest Senate race in the country. This is one of those races that will likely come down to splitting hairs in order to tally up the votes.

The Washington State election results are some of the nation's most watched races, as the Democrats are trying to lose the least amounts of seats to the GOP.

Despite putting up a big fight the GOP has taken charge of the House, and Ohio Congressman John Boehner, currently the House minority leader is presumed to be the next House Majority leader.

Patty Murray is hoping to hold on to her Senate seat, but the Washington State election results could be a little while off, as the ballots are mail-in only.

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