Sunday, November 7, 2010

Woman Sells Grandson 8 Week Old Baby Boy? (Patty Bigbee Arrested)

Patty Bigbee, a woman, allegedly tried to sell her 8 week old grandson for $75,000. An informant came to the police department in Holly Hill, Florida and told authorities that a woman had offered to sell them a baby boy in exchange for $75,000.

The informant notes that they haggled with the grandmother, and then got the price to $30,000. They at that point went to the authorities.

Bigbee was arrested and charged at Daytona Beach, where she met with the party to exchange the cash and the infant. The infant is in the care of the state in protective custody until arrangements can be made on its behalf. The child's mother is in jail on unrelated organized crime charges, and the father could not be reached.

This is so sad...some people should not be parents. I truly hope that the 8 week old baby boy is able to find someone to love him and care for him.


  1. Hope the baby boy is circumcised!

  2. WTF thats just not right at all!!!


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