Friday, November 5, 2010

Zahra Baker Found? Missing NC Girl Updates

Zahra Baker Found? Missing NC Girl Updates are available, although news that her body has been found is not available. However, authorities have confirmed that the serial number on a prosthetic leg that was found in a home where Zahra Baker's stepmother used to live belongs to the missing 10 year old girl.

Zahra's case has been a murder investigation for some time now, although there have not been any breaks in finding the young girl's body. Perhaps in one of the most disturbing developments to transpire in the case, Zahra's stepmother wrote prison pen-pal letters to the owner of a Web site which specializes in jail letters from serial killers.

She seemed to indicate that the girl's death was "no one's fault" but that what Adam [Zahra's father] did to her body was horrific, and made her fear for her life.

Then again, the person who got the letter doesn't believe 100% of what he reads. And that's good...

I just wish they would find Zahra Baker's body so the beautiful little girl could rest in peace.
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