Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Celebrate Pearl Harbor Day 2010 - December 7 Military Quotes and Activities

Will You Celebrate Pearl Harbor Day 2010 today? Pearl Harbor Day is the fateful day when the United States was officially pulled in to World War II, not as an allied force but as a force waging their own war. The Japanese military attacked our Hawaiian military base at Pearl Harbor, and the events that unfolded was the biggest attack on US soil in history.

The Japanese, luckily for the US, did not successfully attack our aircraft carriers, and so our forces were still strong in the Pacific region. The events after the attacks at Pearl Harbor lead to our use of the A-Bombs in Japan. Since then, nuclear weapons have not been used.

It's a very important day, and it's a day that one should always remember. It's a historical event that changed the United States' history.

There are many ways to celebrate Pearl Harbor Day 2010. You can visit with a veteran, you can send a card to a veteran, and you can read up on the history of the day. In addition, you can also watch the film starring Ben Affleck titled "Pearl Harbor."

How are you going to celebrate Pearl Harbor Day 2010?

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